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The protective advisor.

NAIFA’s advocacy success is second to none in insurance and financial services.

The research arm of the National Journal validated what every NAIFA member knows: NAIFA is viewed by policymakers as the most credible, valued and respected voice in the industry. With a NAIFA member in every Congressional District, no other organization comes close to rivaling NAIFA’s grassroots efforts.

NAIFA’s PAC is the largest among all insurance and financial-services groups. That ranking doesn’t include the additional work IFAPAC and our state PACs do every day, helping represent advisors and the industry in all 50 state capitals. See the Advocacy Page for more...

The thinking advisor.

NAIFA is always creating new professional development offerings to elevate your knowledge, your confidence, your skills and your productivity:

NAIFA Live presents high-quality speakers and programming during monthly educational and networking events hosted by state chapters. Many are eligible for CE credits. Attend in-person or virtually.

The NAIFA Limited & Extended Care Planning Center is a virtual center to equip agents and advisors with information, designation and educational resources on trends and issues affecting the care industry and consumers.

• Numerous other online tools and classes to take advantage of within your own schedule and at your own pace.

The trusted Advisor.

NAIFA members adhere to a code of ethics that’s about honesty and integrity, and we’re proud to tell consumers that our members are advisors they can trust.

As a NAIFA member, you belong to an organization that’s been advising Americans for more than 125 years. You stand out as a thought leader in your business, and an innovator in providing solutions to your clients.

Why Join NAIFA? To stand out among your peers as a thought leader through media exposure at the local and state level, and through opportunities to contribute content to NAIFA’s media platforms and webinars, and serve as a speaker at industry meetings and events.

Be visible as an influencer. Make sure clients know that you are an advisor you can trust.

We understand how tough the industry is...

and membership in NAIFA substantially increases your probability of success.

Data shows that advisors that are NAIFA members not only make it in the business, but excel. To make NAIFA accessible and inclusive to our expansive industry, membership fees are based on the number of years you’ve been in the industry as a producer.


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NAIFA is celebrating its 130th anniversary and we are excited to share the new NAIFA. There is no ceiling when we're thinking of ways to advocate, educate, and differentiate. It's not the NAIFA of yesterday.

Founded in 1890 NAIFA is the oldest, largest and most prestigious association representing the interests of insurance professionals from every Congressional district in the United States.


Our mission is to advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhance business and professional skills, and promote the ethical conduct of our members.


NAIFA protects and promotes the critical role of insurance in a sound financial plan and the essential role provided by our professional agents and advisors.

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Joining NAIFA is a personal statement that you adhere to the highest Code of Ethics in all that you do, seek continuous improvement through education, belong to a network of trusted advisors and actively support advocacy efforts that protect our industry at the federal and state level. Additionally, NAIFA members seek camaraderie and a tight-knit community to find new industry colleagues and establish long-term friendships. Did we mention that NAIFA members earn more! Yes, NAIFA members are proven to earn anywhere from 10-40% higher salaries than their colleagues that are non-members.


NAIFA members are advisors that focus first and foremost on client care. Satisfaction comes from providing guidance to families who are seeking financial wellness. A NAIFA advisor is a person who continuously strives to improve and gives back to the local community, or what we refer to as Main Street USA.

Do More. Be More.

We understand how tough the industry is and membership in NAIFA substantially increases your probability of success. Data shows that advisors that are NAIFA members not only make it in the business but excel. To make NAIFA accessible and inclusive to our expansive industry, membership fees are based on the number of years you’ve been in the industry as a producer.

All NAIFA members are listed on & highlighted on



Excel in your career with a small investment in NAIFA today. It has never been more affordable to join if you are new in the business.

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