NAIFA has roots in Delaware since 1901

1901 - 2016

On June 18, 1890, another historic event occurred in Boston, MA. By 11:30 p.m. a resolution was adopted to create what remains the oldest sustaining professional association in America, The National Association of Life Underwriters (NALU). Over the next 120 years, it’s visibility has remained unquestioned. Its purpose was and remains to provide political access and technical training and support to its affiliated members. On March 29, 1901, the Delaware Association of Life Underwriters (DALU) adopted its charter, becoming the 27th to join the Federation. By the 1950’s DALU had established three local chapters in each of its three counties.

In 1999, the national, and affiliated state members voted to change their names to more accurately reflect the broadening of the financial scope of its members. The new name, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). The Delaware affiliates likewise changed its name to the Delaware Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (DAIFA). In 2013-14, the state membership voted to consolidate into one state chapter.

From the 1960s forward, DAIFA and its county affiliates established awards to recognize the men and women whose leadership had made significant contributions to our associations, and to the citizens of Delaware to whom they served. With the consolidation, the county awards were suspended to create more meaningful state awards to honor those whose contributions brought credit and respect to our membership.

Enjoy some clippings below from The News Journal that shows NAIFA in the news in the early 1900s.

Douglas F. Bennetti Award

We continue to honor strong industry leaders within this Association.
As of fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015, with the unification of the original state
and three county associations into one statewide association, we have found it appropriate to consolidate the separate awards into one special, state award as well.

Therefore, NAIFA Delaware has approved the establishment of the Douglas F. Bennetti Lifetime Leadership Award. This award will be presented annually, as long as there is a candidate the committee deems is appropriate.

Consideration for the award will be as follows:
•  Practicing in our profession for at least ten years
•  Member in good standing of NAIFA Delaware over the same period
•  Served in a Board capacity for no less than one term
•  Having strong ethics and been involved in community service

As such, NAIFA Delaware is proud to confer this honor based upon those who are listed below.

Douglas F. Bennetti Award Recipients

1993    Douglas F. Bennetti, LUTCF

1994    Horace C. Sherrill, Jr., CIC

1995    Carl W. Hill, CLU

1996    Edward A. Zabielski, Jr., LUTCF, CAP

1997    Daniel B. Short

1998    William B. Ranken, CLU

1999    David L. C. Fetterman, LUTCF

2000    Robert W. Wildey, CLU

2001    Larry Kaufman

2002    Clay A. Monroe, CLU, ChFC

2003    M. Catherine Castiglione, RHU

2004    R. Clifford Berg, Jr., CLU, ChFC, AEP

2005    Nicholas Marsini

2006    J. Frank Hickam, LUTCF

2007    Donald T. Fulton, CLU, ChFC, AEP

2008    Leo E. Strine, CLU, ChFC, MSM

2009    Charles H. Landon, JD

2010    Robin Achenbach

2011    Richard C. Cecil, CLU

2012    C. Anthony McDonald, CLU, ChFC, CLTC

2013    Michael D. Bennetti, LUTCF

2015    Lisa Broadbent-DiOssi, LUTCF

2016    Stanley Minka, Jr., CLU, ChFC, MSFS

2017    Dennis Drake, CBC, CFC, LACP

2018    Roger Owens, RHU

2019    Daniel Reisinger, CLU, ChFC, MSFS


We recognize and salute these previous Presidents of NAIFA Delaware

Presidential Citation Award

  • Joshua Shaver, CFP, ChFC
  • Bob Maxwell, NAIFA Delaware Lobbyist


  • Donald T. Fulton, CLU, ChFC, CFP


  • Lee Sausen, CPA
  • Neil Stalter, CFP, ChFC


Silver Award

NAIFA Delaware takes pride in recognizing Harold Heitmann, CLU, for receiving the Silver Award for serving on the NAIFA Board for 25 consecutive years. His guidance and support has helped strengthen the NAIFA Delaware chapter.

Carl Hill Memorial Award

Award Recipients