2019 Spring Symposium:
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Network with members, industry experts, and colleagues across varied disciplines and earn a whole day's worth of CEs at the same time. Members of NAIFA DE M and SFSP DE  are free. Guests are welcome to register (fee applies).

8:30 AM – 5 PM

Odessa Memorial Hall
304 Main  Street, Odessa, DE
Insurance CE, CFP, and CLE credits available.

Combination Disability Insurance
Speaker: Kate Lippincott, CLU, Senior Disability Sales Manager
Principal Financial Group

Group Long-Term Disability and Individual plans are two essential solutions for protecting your client's income. This presentation will focus on the combination of these two approaches to create a more comprehensive income protection package.

Single Payer Healthcare Model – How does the United States Compare to Other Countries
Speaker: Chris Handley, Regional Sales Director, Savoy Associates

Attendees will receive detailed commentary and information on the current Economy and Capital Markets and review of last year's capital markets and economy and an outlook for 2019. Clark Capital Management is an institutional money manager that services with high net worth families endowments, institutions, and charitable organizations.

2019 Economic & Capital Market Review and Outlook
Speaker: Ryan Kenney, CIMA, AIF, Senior Investment Consultant, Clark Capital Management Group

The presentation will provide a historical review of the market, an up-close look at the outlook for 2019 and review events that are strong effecting change. Ryan will wrap up the presentation with a 2019 Capital Market. Review and outlook and finish with questions and answers.

Impaired Risk. It's Not a Lost Cause
Speaker: Isaac Dyer, III, FMLI, ACS
Underwriting Consultant
Preferred Product Network, Principal Financial Group

This presentation will help advisors understand the proper way to handle an impaired risk case, help them to understand how to present the case to underwriting  and the difference between success and failure of these cases.  The presentation will provide a plan of action when presented with unforeseen circumstances.  Understand why impaired risk cases can take so long.  It will also highlight some carrier UW niches and give another alternative.

Medicare Enrollment
Speaker: Nicole Kennedy, CLTC,  Director of Relationship Management, HTA

This presentation provides an overview of 4 parts of Medicare: Hospitalization, Outpatient, Secondary medical insurance, and Prescription Drug Plans. In addition, it will cover when to enroll in Medicare, IRMMA-higher part B premium and D surcharge for higher income earners as well as Enrollment periods for secondary insurance.

Tax Itemization and Deduction Advantage
Speaker: Matt Mark, SunnyMac Solar

This presentation will provide attendees with turnkey solutions to control one of their highest, uncontrollable expenses–electricity. Matthew will provide angles that are sure to resonate with both the homeowner and the CEO.

"Memory Switch" Workshop
Speaker: Matthew Goerke

Your profession demands that you remember a wealth of knowledge including client information, market data, presentations…and most importantly names. A simple slip of the mind can result in thousands of dollars in lost sales or credibility.

Speakers are not in specific order and details are subject to change until labeled final.


2019 Day in the Hall:
Wednesday, April 17, 2019
11:30 AM

NAIFA members are strongly encouraged to attend this important lunch meeting at Frazier's Restaurant for lunch and meet and greet and then head over to the Hall, Dover, DE

This event has been pivotal to the reason we are NAIFA members and supporters. How often do you get to have lunch with 20-25 Delaware representatives and senators (many of them new!). This is an opportunity for leaders to hear about how important our industry is and why they need to know us when creating legislation that concerns us. Political advocacy is insurance that our career will be around a long time and help us be prosperous!

  • Come and get connected to influential people in our community. NAIFA members are in the business of meeting people, and who better to introduce you to people in your community than your local Senator or Representative?
  • Be proud of your industry and what it does for people! 100M+ families in this country alone rely on some type of insurance or investment related product. Show up and show that off!
  • Have a say in the laws that get passed. If you make a connection with these legislative leaders, they will reach out to you for advice before they potentially put through legislation that can hurt our industry.



2019 Fall Symposium Save the Date:
Thursday, October 10, 2019

Odessa Memorial Hall
304 Main  Street
Odessa, DE

Insurance CE, CFP, and CLE credits available.


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